Product Review: Diva Cup - Menstrual Solution!

For years, there has been one revolving question during that time of the month: "Is there any way I can reduce the waste generated from using all these pads/tampons?" If I could feel a little less chained to the bathroom, that would be even better.

Like millions of internet readers, I clicked onto Amazon's marketplace to see what lay hidden on their myriad of virtual shelves. My scrolling fingers led me to The Diva Cup; a silicone cup that sits in the vagina, collects menstrual blood for 10-12 hours at a time, and is reusable. Many, many reviews were positive, but there were a few that downright terrified me describing instances where it became stuck. I sought the advice of friends to get some real-to-me feedback. A girlfriend gave top-notch reviews of the cup, some never head of it, while others encouraged me to try it, taking my side in hoping it would be the great solution I was seeking. I added it to my virtual shopping cart, and it arrived a week or so later in an attractive package. I tucked it onto the shelf my bathroom. Then I waited. 

Tonight is the first night I'm trying it. I waited until nighttime because that's when I actually have a few minutes to spend alone in the bathroom without my little ones running/crawling around, and asking what the heck I'm doing. 

The cup is prettily packaged in a small cardboard box, with a clear plastic display window. It came with a daisy Diva pin that could also clearly be seen from the window in the box. I guess I'm supposed to wear it - and from a marketing standpoint - hope that people stop to ask me what my pin's all about. I'm not sure that will happen. It also comes with a cotton drawstring storage bag. That's a nice touch. Now I won't have to worry about where I'll put it when I'm not using it.

After removing the cup from the packaging, which can all be recycled by the way, I washed it and my hands very thoroughly, bringing my new cup and directions to the bathroom. The instructions are simple, and offer two methods to insert the cup. I followed version #1, folded it in half, and had no problem at all. I can't feel anything, and that is exactly what I was hoping for. 

Night one: I awoke at about 3am to nurse my son, and felt like I was leaking. I was too tired to mess around with it, so I removed it, cleaned myself up, used a pad, and went back to bed.

Day 1: I didn't have time to try the cup again until my kids were taking a nap. I re-inserted using the same method as last night. I didn't hear a clicking sound as described by other users when the cup is inserted correctly, but it feels snug to me. The directions say you can slide your finger around the cup to make sure it has opened up fully, and it has, so now I wait.

About 2.5 hours later, I felt it begin to leak. I removed it right away and found it filled to the brim. Now I know why it leaked the night before: it was full. Apparently, I bleed more than I thought I did. 

Every two hours or so, I repeated the process, finding that as the first full day of my period went on, there was a lot less blood and I needed to empty it less.

Day 2: I feel very comfortable with the cup, and it has gotten much easier and more comfortable the more I use it. When I do things that would have normally caused that familiar gush of blood, I no longer worry if I'm going to leak all over and have to sprint to the nearest bathroom. 

Day 3: The verdict is in: I vow never to use pads or tampons again. I highly recommend this product to any woman looking for freedom from tampons and pads, and a healthier solution for you and mother earth. I will be recommending this to family and friends. Thank you, Diva Cup!


  1. ....and you can use the blood, too:
    mix with water, and use on your plants.
    Natural fertilizer!


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