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Product Review: Light Mountain Natural Hair Color

As a Mamma to young children, I have a very limited amount of "me" time. It's a must that beauty regimes are easy and fast!

What is Light Mountain Natural Hair Color? It is a henna-based natural home hair color made without chemicals. 

While my kids were napping one afternoon, I dove in. What I didn't get was a bunch of squeeze tubes with easy applicators. What I did get was a packet of henna that resembled an over-sized bag of instant pudding mix with a green tint and a pair of disposable gloves. Yikes.

The instructions say to mix the packet of dye with water in a bowl (not a metal bowl, mind you) and let it sit before applying to your hair. After doing so, it turned into a yogurt-like consistency, but I was by no means tempted to eat it. It smelled like wet grass.

Staring into the bowl of goo, I wondered how I was supposed to get this onto my hair without making a huge mess. First, I slathered petroleum jelly on my skin around my hairline so I wouldn't inadvertentl…

Clean your microwave the natural way

1/2 cup water 1/2 cup vinegar
Cook in microwave for 10 min, wipe down with a microfiber cloth