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Spotlight on Buying Local: Ronnybrook Farms

A staple purchase from my local farmer's market has always been milk from a local dairy farm called Ronnybrook Farms located in Ancramdale, NY, roughly 1.5 hours south of my home. An ad in my town newspaper delivered a mind-blowing revelation: they deliver. To your door. Hallelujah!
On Tuesday mornings, both my boys literally jump for joy when they see the big white truck with the black cow embossed on the sides. I can't help but get giddy, too. Everything is so delicious. Milk, butter, eggs, honey, and locally available items (such as jams and apple cider to fresh berries and apples) are delivered to my door by the friendliest delivery guy I've met, Jim. He's the guy who responds to all your on-line orders; I was astonished to learn that he was "that guy." (Normally, there is no name-to-face recognition these days. Not here!) My boys love the milk and all their products, and I love knowing that it's not only made and produced locally, but it's safe a…

Clothesline drying

Recently, I started hanging our clothes outside to dry. I'm not sure why I waited so long, given the weather in NY has begun its shift into autumn. I just love the smell, it saves money, and the environment.

What I want to know is: How much money does it really save? I found an article to help figure out that calculation: Keep in mind, your energy usage may differ based on the number of loads you do per week, and if your dryer is gas or electric.

While it clearly doesn't save a ton of cash (maybe ~$12/month), every little bit helps. It's helping the environment by not using fossil fuels such as natural gas (what we have) and showing my kids just one more way to lead a simple, green life.