Product Review: Light Mountain Natural Hair Color

As a Mamma to young children, I have a very limited amount of "me" time. It's a must that beauty regimes are easy and fast!

What is Light Mountain Natural Hair Color? It is a henna-based natural home hair color made without chemicals. 

Product Details

While my kids were napping one afternoon, I dove in. What I didn't get was a bunch of squeeze tubes with easy applicators. What I did get was a packet of henna that resembled an over-sized bag of instant pudding mix with a green tint and a pair of disposable gloves. Yikes.

The instructions say to mix the packet of dye with water in a bowl (not a metal bowl, mind you) and let it sit before applying to your hair. After doing so, it turned into a yogurt-like consistency, but I was by no means tempted to eat it. It smelled like wet grass.

Staring into the bowl of goo, I wondered how I was supposed to get this onto my hair without making a huge mess. First, I slathered petroleum jelly on my skin around my hairline so I wouldn't inadvertently dye my forehead/ears/etc. Next, I dug in with my gloved hands and smeared and smooshed it all over and into my hair. It smelled bad, it oozed, and it overall made me uncomfortable, so needless to say, I was looking forward to washing it out. When that time came, not only did I have to rinse two or three times, followed by a double shampoo, I had to clean my shower and all the towels immediately following the application because of the huge mess it made. I was a little frazzled trying to do all this whilst my kids were sleeping.

I don't plan on using this again.


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