Homemade Cloth Diaper Detergent - Recipe #3 (store-bought ingredients)

After returning from vacation, I realized too late that we were running low on cloth diaper detergent. I didn't have time to mail order everything I needed, so I searched for ingredients that would be safe to use and friendly on my bottom line. The EWG site shows that Oxiclean Baby is safe, so I dug around for a Babies R Us coupon, since I know that's one of the few places that carry it. 

For everyone who doesn't want to mail order anything or get it in bulk, this recipe is for you, too!

To fill a 3 lb oxiclean baby tub (holds 12 cups total):
2 cups oxiclean baby
4 cups super washing soda
4 cups baking soda
-Use 1 Tbsp per load

3 lbs Oxiclean baby = $4.99 ($9.99 without coupon), or $0.05/oz
55 oz Super washing soda = $2.99, or $0.05/oz
13 lbs Baking soda = $6.59 (bought this at BJ's), or $0.03/oz

Recipe makes 80 oz at $2.96, and costs $0.02 per load
365 x $0.02 = $7.30

Bottom line: It works great! I add 1 tbsp to any regular load of laundry that's particularly soiled and everything comes out clean and smelling, well, clean. If you wanted to add scent, you could add essential oil to the powder, or add a few drops of essential oil to dryer balls. 

Tip: Mix everything outside, or in a well-ventilated area. Mixing these powders makes a cloud of dust that shouldn't be breathed in.


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